The Challenge of Defining Translation Quality

The subject of “translation quality” has always been a challenging communication issue for the translation industry. It is particularly difficult to explain this concept in a straightforward way to an industry outsider or a customer whose primary focus is building business momentum in international markets, and who is not familiar…

As we consider and look at the various forces impacting the legal industry today, we see several ongoing trends which are increasingly demanding more attention from both inside and outside counsel. These forces are:

The Digital Data Momentum

Increasing Concern for Data Security

The Growing Importance of Information Governance


What is BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy)?

As the use of enterprise machine translation expands, it becomes increasingly more important for users and practitioners to understand MT quality issues in a relevant, meaningful, and accurate way.

The BLEU score is a string-matching algorithm that provides basic output quality metrics for MT researchers and developers. In this first…

K Vashee

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